Here are a selection of frequently asked questions:

Q: What race age category should I enter?
A: All answers for this can be found on this page.

Q: Do I need to be a member of a club or British Cycling to compete in a South West Cyclo-Cross League event?
A: No, but for competitors in the Senior, Junior, Veterans and Ladies race there is a £3 surcharge for a British Cycling Day Licence. A British Cycling Bronze membership costs £12 so if you are intending on riding more than 4 events we would recommend joining. There are a number of benefits of joining British Cycling further details can be found HERE

Q: Do I need to be a member of British Cycling to compete in the South of England Championships?
A: Yes, this is a Regional Championship event and British Cycling membership is a requirement for entry.

Q: My son is 7 years old and would like to compete, is there a category available for him?
A: Yes, we have an Under 12's event at all the league rounds. This caters for Under 12's, Under 10's and Under 8's. Parents are encouraged to run around behind very small children and support them in completing the course.

Q: Can I enter on the day of the event?
A: Yes, entry is accepted on the day at all league events with the EXCEPTION of the South of England Championships, the closing date is the 15th November 2010. Entries should be mailed to Graham Edwards, 5 Rusper Close, Plymtree, Cullompton, EX15 2LT. Cheques made payable to: "G.Edwards"

Q: Do I need to be of a certain ability to compete?
A: All abilities are encouraged to participate in South West Cyclo-Cross events, the nature of the short courses makes the events very safe and spectator friendly. At any time you are in easy reach of our event officials and marshalls who will be prepared to help.

Q: Are the events insured?
A: The events are insured by British Cycling, the National Governing Body for cycle sport within the UK, and hence comply with their regulations. All riders are required to attend the commissaires pre-race briefing. This will involve them highlighting any particular hazards, first aid arrangements and confirming race duration.

Q: Some riders have spare wheels and bikes, is this allowed?
A: Yes, at all cyclo-cross events a pit area is provided and marked at some point on the course. If a rider has a mechanical problem they are able to enter the pit and change their equipment. If a rider has passed the pit and then suffer a mechanical problem they are not permitted to turn around on the circuit, they have to continue until the next put area.

Q: Do I need a cyclo-cross bike to compete and what are the advantages of a cross bike?
A: All South West League events allow competitors to ride either mountain bikes, hybrids or cyclo-cross bikes. Cross bikes do provide an advantage due to the nature of the courses. A cyclo-cross bike differs from both a mountain bike and a road bike and is specific to the sport. The basic frame is similar to a road bike but with additional strength built in and greater tyre clearance to accomodate knobbly tyres and mud!! Cross bikes are fitted with cantilever brakes that also provide good mud clearance and powerful braking. Cross bikes generally have drop handlebars, that are positioned higher than on a road bike. The gearing also differs to road bike as lower gears are required to deal with the varied terrain that is characteristic of cyclo-cross.

Q: What happens if I get lapped?
A: Due to the short courses it is inevitable that riders are lapped by the leaders. The leaders will generally give a shout out informing the lapped rider they are passing on either the right or left. The lapped rider will finish on the same lap as the race winner, hence the race duration will be the same but the number of laps completed will often differ. All competitors are awarded a finishing position by our lap scoring team.

Q: I really enjoyed the racing and would also like to help at events, how can I get involved?
A: The League exists because of a small band of volunteers and any help at events is always appreciated. Even a small contribution such as helping take the course marking tape down at the end of the day really makes a difference to the event organiser. If you wish to become more involved then please make yourself known to one of the event officials or email the team via the contacts page.
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